Two Against the Lake

Proofing Report for Race 1

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results saved: Sunday, April 1, 2012 1:49:10 PM CDT

Sail Finish
Penalty Rating Boat/Skipper Division/Subdivision
1 137 15:56:45.0   PHRF/-30 Phoenix Multihull/
2 472 17:50:32.0   PHRF/54 Sapphire Spinnaker A/
3 9 21:33:10.0   PHRF/96 Cherry Baby Spinnaker A/
4 66 22:06:33.0   PHRF/165 Flying Dog 2 Spinnaker B/
5 30248 22:21:05.0   PHRF/150 Kokopelli Spinnaker B/
6 15434 22:28:30.0   PHRF/147 Born to Run Spinnaker B/
7 10 22:28:42.0   PHRF/168 Bali Hai Spinnaker B/
8 431 22:35:00.0   PHRF/153 Windsome Non-Spinnaker/
9 170 22:46:00.0   PHRF/132 Gotcha Non-Spinnaker/
DNF 9 No Time DNF PHRF/33 The Dark Side Multihull/
DNF 14 No Time DNF PHRF/93 Anemone Tickler Spinnaker A/
DNF 47 No Time DNF PHRF/99 Pineapple Express Spinnaker A/
DNF 103 No Time DNF PHRF/126 J-Spot Spinnaker A/
DNF 190 No Time DNF PHRF/138 Esprit De Vie Spinnaker B/
DNF 648 No Time DNF PHRF/81 Adria Spinnaker A/
DNF 4700 No Time DNF PHRF/183 Risky Business Non-Spinnaker/
DNF 10435 No Time DNF PHRF/135 Touche Non-Spinnaker/
DNF 23741 No Time DNF PHRF/108 Wildcard Spinnaker A/
DNF 73084 No Time DNF PHRF/132 Nightshift Spinnaker B/
DNF 97806 No Time DNF PHRF/165 The BEAR Spinnaker B/

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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