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Tammany Yacht Club (TYC), a family oriented organization, is focused on boating of all types of course but also has a busy social calendar with many activities, parties, and get-togethers.  Cruising, sailing, and RV trips are just a few of the outdoor activities you can enjoy.  Indoor functions include the Commodore's Ball, New Year's Eve Gala, Valentine's Day Party, LSU and Saints football games, and musical events.  Our Honorary Life Member, Ronnie Kole, an internationally known pianist, recently played a concert exclusively for Club members. 

You "do not have to have a power boat, a sail boat, a row boat, or any boat" to belong to Tammany Yacht Club.  But for those interested in boating, there are many events for both power and sail.  TYC has a spring and fall series of Wednesday night sail boat races where anyone can participate.  Sailors also participate in other yacht club races sponsored by the Gulf Yachting Association.  Cruises for power and sail are scheduled.   TYC has an excellent Juniors Sailing program every summer – three two week sessions start in early June.

Tammany Yacht Club is a great place to meet new friends or invite old friends to be your guests.  Our well appointed Club House at 1196 Harbor Drive offers a beautiful view of the harbor.  You can enjoy the sunset from our outdoor porch where smoking is permitted.  TYC has a well stocked bar offering drinks at member prices.  Your second drink is free on Thursday and Saturday.  We offer Friday Night Dinners weekly with a Steak or Fish Dinner the last Friday of each month.  You may, as a member, have the Club available without a rental charge.  Check our website at 

Becoming a member of Tammany Yacht Club is only part of the story. You are also joining the Gulf Yachting Association (GYA) which has more than 30 yacht club members from St. Petersburg, FL, Jackson, MS, all along the gulf coast and Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Charles, Houston, etc.  If you are a boater, most GYA clubs will provide dockage at less than marina rates with a reservation.  The clubs on the coast will welcome you with or without a boat.  TYC is also a member of the Register of American Yacht Clubs.  Most of the clubs listed will honor a member of TYC.  A copy of the Register of American Yacht Clubs is available for anyone wishing to make a trip by land, sea, or air to check on whether they will permit you to visit their club. 

Joining Tammany Yacht Club could be the start of the most fun you've ever had.  TYC monthly dues of are $75.  The initiation fee is $350.  Active membership will give you voting rights at TYC as well as privileges at other GYA clubs.  Non-resident membership dues are only $100 a year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us anytime:

(985) 649-5222